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We have a passion for making the best craft beer and fostering a thriving community. We are driven to produce original, creative beer and an equally unique and inviting experience. From our spacious taproom for relaxing and meeting friends to running around our dog park, Roots will be the place for enjoying community and original craft beer.

Brew, Bark, Bond.




We love beer, Iowa and our community. The support and encouragement we feel from everyone who has been introduced to Roots Brewing is amazing. So many people have been asking how they can buy Roots merch, so here it is. Get geared up. See the full selection in our web store.


At Roots we have a passion for making the best craft beer and fostering a thriving community. We believe in crafting community and great beer.


Our spacious taproom will host multiple bars with over a dozen taps for sampling our original craft beers. With ample seating and activities our room will become your favorite room to hang out in.


Brew, Bark, Bond

Inspired by our dogs, Lula and Lois, Roots Brewing features a fun space for dogs and owners to roam, meet and make new friends and share beverages of their choice (well, the dogs enjoy bottomless water).


Every Beer Has a Story

Our beers are inspired by some of our favorite people. We have some very interesting family to friends. So our beers literally have stories, some of which we are allowed to tell.

Training Wheels

pale ale mild ABV (5-6%) dry-hopped during conditioning


malty IPA citrusy hop flavors 7.5% ABV

Tipsy Annie

IPA 9.5-10.5% ABV

The Sheriff

dark and robust stout 12% ABV roasty malt with cocoa nib and coffee

Sign Up for Pints

As we get up and running we will be hosting informal events and opportunities to get together and taste our beer. We’d love for you to join us. Sign up for our email list and keep in the know.